About Us

How did we come up with the name LICHTECHNIC?

The word is a combination of “light” and “technology” – with “LICHT” translating to light in German. We think that this portmanteau neatly sums up what we’re all about: lighting homes and offices using the very latest high-tech solutions.

Who we are?

Based in Malaysia, LICHTECHNIC is a relatively young company, with a focus on newer, renewable technology. That’s why most of our products are based on LED technology, along with smart and modern designs, and an eye for the latest trends.

Our products set themselves apart thanks not only to this modern aesthetic and technology, but also the premium, top-tier quality of our materials and construction. Our products feel like luxury items that are built to last – and they will never let you down!

Over a short period of time, LICHTECHNIC has grown to become one of the most well-known and highly regarded manufacturers in the industry. We’ve worked some of the biggest brands, designers, and architects, which is all thanks to our commitment to excellence, and our forward-thinking approach.

No matter what your functional or aesthetic needs, LICHTECHNIC can provide the solution.